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Motor Control Centre

The dynamics of industrial operating plants are unique - high intensity operation often in difficult environments with minimum downtime.

In the industrial sector electricians must be able to think clearly and quickly, balancing the need for operational up-time with ongoing maintainability.

The Keightley Electrical Services team knows what is needed. A can-do attitude. Adaptable and responsive. Adept at fault finding. Logical and thorough.

Services we provide

Switchboard upgrade

As an industrial electrical contractor, our electricians are experienced with projects, emergency breakdowns and preventative maintenance.

o Power distribution and switchboards

o Safe disconnection and reconnection of power to machinery

o LV and MV cabling for control systems, PLCs and plant instrumentation

o Motor control centres, contactors, thermal overloads, emergency stops

o General plant maintenance

o Material handling equipment, cranes and jibs

o Electric motor control - induction and synchronous

o Building maintenance

o Power tools and appliances including testing and tagging

o Boilers and furnaces

o Machinery alarms and control

o DC control and distribution

o Maintenance and shutdown work

We work throughout metropolitan Adelaide and country areas of South Australia. We regularly perform work in the most remote regions of the state.

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