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Keightley Electrical Services

Expert Electrical Contractor

Founded in 1965, Keightley Electrical Services is an expert Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contractor.

Our business is based on a simple philosophy. We...

  • LISTEN to customers. Understand their needs, wants and constraints.
  • THINK about the required outcomes. Consider options and alternatives. Plan.
  • SOLVE problems and deliver an outstanding result.

We are expert at delivering electrical projects, and have particular capabilities in:

  • Design-and-construct projects
  • Maintenance – maintaining and improving existing operations
  • Power factor correction
  • Data, communication and telephones
  • Solar energy

About our team

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In our customer focussed business our staff are central in delivering value to our customers. Every time.

Our team includes a mix of qualified electricians and apprentices, each with broad skills and experience. Most have a particular skill or interest in an aspect of their work.

Together our team overcomes challenges that we could not solve as individuals. This is possible because of our team culture, the reliance we place on each other and our willingness to accept responsibility for the quality our work - individually and as a team.

About our work

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We are a projects company. We are challenged by complicated or demanding projects, but we rise to the challenge.

Projects may be multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary, on a tight time frame, located remotely, poorly specified, complicated or any one of a number of things. Our response is always to find a way.

We are also a maintenance company. We maintain our customers' facilities for them expertly. We respond to their needs quickly and completely.

Together with our customers we suggest innovative ways to reduce future maintenance requirements and help our customers to achieve their goals.

Our Organisational Structure

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The key elements of our organisational structure are its general flatness and adaptability.

Our field-based team take on leadership roles when required and become team-members on other projects. Teaching and learning are key issues we address as peers.


Guiding principles

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The company’s strategy is to perform project and maintenance work for demanding but informed customers on a long-term basis.

Our core capabilities are to undertake complex or difficult projects. Complexity can arise from the remoteness of the location (non-metro), project complexity, efficiently engaging a team or where a variety of materials are required.

Customers who have some understanding of these complexities are more likely to understand our capabilities.

The company is supportive and accommodating of high calibre employees. Our culture is one of performance through peer pressure as well as managerial direction.

We are a learning organisation. We learn through observation and experience. When we get things wrong we right them, then we ensure that the lessons learned are passed on to others.

Teamwork is mandatory. We support each other, always. When someone needs help or advice we give it freely. We treat every person with respect no matter what the situation.

We do not sole source from suppliers. For all key purchases the company maintains at least two supply options. We select appropriate products for each task, We do not represent any manufacturer.

Our profile

Our customers come from a diverse range of industries and include small- and large-scale manufacturers, commercial building managers and designers, builders, schools, hospitals, freight and haulage companies and others.

Some examples of recently completed projects include:

  • Full design and construct of electrical works associated with constructing accommodation camps at multiple mining sites throughout SA
  • Full design and construct of electrical works associated with a new 300-bed accommodation facility in Darwin, NT
  • ABC Collinswood – preferred Electrical and Data Contractor undertaking service, maintenance and installations
  • All electrical, security and fire systems associated with the construction of several new facilities for the SA Country Fire Service and SA State Emergency Service
  • Full design and construct of electrical infrastrcuture for a newly constructed asphalt plant (2,000 Amp Main Switchboard plus 700kVAr Power Factor Correction)
  • Electrical installation at Commonwealth Government facility in Ceduna, SA
  • Preventative and routine maintenance at various shopping centres
  • Desalination Project, Hallett Cove - Installation of electrics.
  • Bosch Chassis Systems – Brake Rotor Production Machinery Design and Installation.


* Commercial electrician * Industrial electrician * Domestic electrician * Electrical installation * Electrical maintenance *
* Commercial electrical contractor * Industrial electrical contractor * Domestic electrical contractor *
* Power Factor Correction * Solar energy * Solar systems * Solar PV design and installation *
* Data cabling * Communications cabling * Telephone cabling *
* Data infrastructure * Communications infrastructure * Telephone infrastructure *
* Thermal imaging * Thermographic scans * infra red imaging *
* Air conditioning supply * Air conditioning installation * Split system air conditioners * Split system installation *

* Control system design * Control system installation * Control system fault finding * PLC installation * PLC programming *
* Lighting design * Lighting installation * Lighting maintenance * Light fittings * Luminaires * Lamp replacement *

* Test and tag * Test & tag * Earth fault testing * Electrical Safety * AS3760 compliance *
* Programmed maintenance * Commercial maintenance * Industrial maintenance * Domestic maintenance *


Contacting us is easy...


phone: 08 8396 4288
fax: 08 8396 4299

12 Jennifer Ave, Ridgehaven, 5097











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