Air Conditioning

Keeping indoor temperatures perfect

When outdoor conditions are not

Split systems - indoor unit installation

Split system or room air conditioners are ideal in many applications

o The space to be cooled is under about 70m2

o An extensive ducted air conditioning system is not required

o There is no space for a ducted system

The outdoor unit of split system air conditioners mounted outside - almost anywhere will do - on the ground, on a wall or the roof.

The (near-silent) indoor unit is then positioned to deliver the cool air throughout the room.


Split system air conditioners have other advantages:

o Cooling-only or reverse-cycle models are available

o Installation is quick and simple

o Compared to other types of air conditioners, they are inexpensive to operate

Keightley Electrical Services has supplied and installed many split system air conditioners into residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

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