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Fiber Optic Network Cable

Whether your needs are a single ethernet or telephone outlet installation or a complete network infrastructure design or overhaul, Keightley Electrical Services is available with advice and support at every step.

Businesses evolve in all manner of ways. Employees move from location to location and their ICT requirements change too. Efficiency in your workplace comes from being adaptable. We enable employees to do the required work from the right locations by quickly and effectively providing them with the right infrastructure.

Fibre Cables

We offer a broad range of services including

  • Installation/re-installation/service re-location
  • Supply of equipment and configuration
  • Cable termination and test
  • Cable labelling
  • Fault finding and repair

Simply and efficiently, we allow you to get on with running your business as efficiently as possible. We can help you

  • Connect offices
  • Extend or modify telephone systems
  • Overhaul your communications room (often simply tidying existing cabling takes the strain off connectors and reduces the number of faults and the severity of each fault).


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