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To attract tenants and shoppers Property Managers must maintain their facilities to the highest standards - of course at a fair and reasonable price (but no more!)

We are a company that understand your plans and will work with you over an extended period. The concept of partnership is one where you rely on us to continually deliver high quality services on time and without the need for low-level direction or constant supervision.

Keightley Electrical Services has great experience and capabilities in meeting these needs.

Typical needs of our customers are listed below, but call us to discuss a tailor-made approach to your requirements.

Maintenance of lighting - internal and external

DLC213 - CFL Downlight.jpg

o Visual inspection

o After hours testing via security activation or timer override

o Test daylight sensors

o Check fittings and switches for damage

o Test RCDs (if applicable)

o Check switchboard circuit ID legend, update as required

o Make recommendations as appropriate

Maintenance of general power - internal and external

GPO Double

o Visually inspect all power distribution points, power outlets (GPOs) and electrical appliances in public areas (eg hand dryers)

o Check switchboard circuit ID legend and update as required

o Test all RCDs and update log book



Maintenance of Switchboards

Pillar Panel

o Visually inspect switchboard for damage, door operation, vermin etc

o Visually inspect all cables and integrity of cabling (breakdown of insulation etc)

o inspect all protection devices using infra-red handheld thermometer to find hotspots/joint problems and report as required

o Check and tighten connections on busbars, circuit breakers and switches as required.


Test and tag


o All devices in public areas, mobile signage, mobile entertainment plus any other electrical items accessible to the public.

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