Solar Energy

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Concerned about rising electricity prices?

Been considering solar?

Electricity prices continue to rise. Government sources estimate that South Australia electricity prices will rise by 36% in the next 2 years. Even if your electricity usage remains constant your bills will increase significantly.

Non-solar users subsidise solar users. The SA Government estimates that $65 is added annually to an average non-solar household electricity bill annually.

Large or small - you have options...

Why buy from Keightley Electrical Services?

Coastal installation

o Your local solar experts - in business since 1965

o Speak to experienced Electrical Engineers and Electricians, not sales people

o We do not represent any manufacturer and we have no brand loyalty. We design systems that work well for our customers always at very reasonable prices.

o Accredited by the Clean Energy Council for solar system design & installation

o Better products, better advice, lower prices

o We never subcontract installation work

Subsidies and the Feed In Tariff

Get what you're entitled to!

Installation in progress

The up-front cost of solar systems is subsidised by the government.

In addition owners of solar systems receive a feed-in tariff for excess power produced.


The Australian Government subsidies for solar systems reduced on 1 July 2011. Subsidies remain generous but will reduce in coming years.

Feed-in Tariff

Energy produced by solar systems power household lights and appliances.

Additional energy produced is fed back to the grid with householders receiving a feed-in tariff for each additional kWh of energy produced.

The rules for the feed-in tariff have changed several times causing some confusion among customers, and further changes are expected in the future.

Call us for a clear and concise explanation and to get your maximum entitlement.

Equipment supplied

Paralowie 3kW

Keightley Electrical Services does not represent any manufacturer. We have no allegiances to any brand or company. We engineer systems that will work well for many years at fair prices.

We select brands of inverters, panels, railing systems and electrical equipment based on customer requirements.

What is the process?

Double storey installation

Call Keightley Electrical Services on 8396 4288

First we will answer any questions you have.

Next we will visit your home to take detailed measurements and design a system just for you.

Once designed, we will deliver your customised proposal, answer any further questions, show the impact on your electricity bill and explain the installation process.

Installation is typically completed within a day and your power is off for only the minimum time required.

After this, just wait for the sun to shine!

Call Keightley Electrical Services 08 8396 4288

Country inquiries welcome!

Solar Energy

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