Solar FAQ

How will a solar system benefit me?


o Generating your own electricity means reducing or eliminating your power bills.

o As electricity prices increase, your savings increase.

o Solar systems increase the value of your home.


o Solar power is a zero-emission electricity source.

o Generating 1MWh avoids approximately 1 tonne of CO2.

o Because your electricity is generated where it is used, costly electricity distribution infrastructure is not required.

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Where are solar panels installed?

Anywhere the sun shines!

For example - the roof of your house, shed or verandah are common

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Does roof orientation matter?

In Adelaide orienting your panels to face north at an incline of between 25 and 30 degrees is best. As a general rule panels that face due west lose about 10% of their generating capacity and panels that face east lose about 12% of their generating capacity, however the exact results depend on the incline on the panels.

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What brands of equipment do you use?

Keightley Electrical Services does not represent any manufacturer. We have no allegiances to any brand or company. We engineer systems that will work well for many years at fair prices.

We select brands of inverters, panels, railing systems and electrical equipment based on customer requirements.

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How much solar energy is produced?

The amount of solar energy produced depends on many things. As a guide, a 1.5kW system can produce 640kWh per quarter. A 5kW system can generate 2,100kWh per quarter.

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What limits my system size?

Generally, system size is only limited by roof space and budget

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Will my solar system pay for itself?

Yes! How long it takes to pay for itself depends on a few factors, but generally it will pay for itself in between 3 and 4 years.

Ask us and we will show you how to calculate this.

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What is the lifetime of a solar system

With quality equipment expect 20 years or more

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What maintenance is required?

Very little!

We suggest cleaning panels with a broom every 6 months. Keep them free of debris such as leaves.

We can provide checks to ensure none of your panels are losing power conversion efficiency.

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